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Water Softener

Water Softener Service in Wright County, MN

If you’re remodeling or building, you’ll need an experienced, professional plumber to install and/or replace your water softener and other appliances. 2 Guys serves all of your water softener needs in Buffalo, Monticello, Albertville, St. Michael & Howard Lake, MN and the surrounding area.

Water Softener Installation

2 Guys Plumbing and Heating Specializes in residential water softener installations. We have many years of experience installing and repairing water softeners.
All installation services are guaranteed by 2 Guys. Professional installation is provided by screened, licensed service techs who will provide you quality service and a great experience. We do our onsite work in a timely and orderly fashion with respect for our customer and their property.

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Why Should You Have a Water Softener?

Hard water is a common problem found in the average home. Hard water is typically defined as water having more than 1 grains per gallon of dissolved minerals in it, generally consisting of calcium, magnesium carbonate, and/or manganese. The amount of hardness in water is usually measured in either parts per million or grains per gallon.

Soft water greatly reduces the scaling of pipes, faucets, and bath fixtures, and reduces spotting of glasses, dishes, and flatware. Soft water also helps detergent clean your clothes with less soap and make your clothes last longer!

Water Heater Flame